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I had heard a lot of really good things about Bluehost. Super cheap, easy to use, BEST company out there… and more. So when my contract with Siteground was about to expire, I decided to give Bluehost a try. I mean, after all, it would save me a little money! Who doesn’t love to save some $$$? Plus they had some pretty tempting incentives for signing up for a new account.  I signed up and immediately began to regret my decision.

5 Good Reasons Not To Use Bluehost

Disclosure: These are all my opinions of Bluehost based on my experience.

#1: Simple One- Click WordPress Install… Not so much.

I could not figure out how to install wordpress. They said that it was a quick and easy one-click install for wordpress. I literally had to watch a YouTube video to fully understand what I was doing! When i finally figured it out, I thought it would be smooth sailing. (WordPress is familiar to me… so why wouldn’t it be)

#2: Paid Website Transfers.

They do not transfer your website for free. Website transfers are not free through Bluehost. You get one free site transfer through Siteground. So figuring out how to transfer my website over was a pain..( I do not recommend ever doing it by yourself… unless you are a techy, get some help.)

#3: Live Support takes forever.

So after I had finally gotten into wordpress, it kicked me off and locked me out of the dashboard. So I called support. It took FOREVER to get someone online to talk to me. I ended up talking to 2 or 3 different people before the problem was resolved.

#4: Picture Loading Problems!

After uploading about 4 or 5 pictures to my blog posts, an http error kept showing up, and I could no longer upload anymore pictures. This was so frustrating .I never had any issues with this on Siteground. (and I had the basic plan… with Bluehost I had the PRIME plan.)

#5:  One Issue After Another.

I had one issue after another. I was on live chat support multiple times in one day! I had never experienced any issues at all while on Siteground. I regretted my switch to Bluehost every day!

Why You Should Be Using SiteGround

The only good thing I can really say about Bluehost is that when I called their cancellation line, they were quick to answer. They were also quick to give me a refund. No issues there at all.

When I switched back to SiteGround I was so relieved! It was like a weight had been lifted.

Why I love siteground:

#1: They really are super easy to use.

I have not had any trouble figuring out how to navigate my SiteGround account at all! Easy install WordPress was really easy.

#2: FREE website transfer!

You get one free website transfer with each account!

#3: Customer Support is awesome!

Their live chat is super quick. Someone helps you very quickly when you sign on. They were also very helpful and friendly.

#4: Problems are very minimal!

So far I have had NO problems using SiteGround. However, I am confident that if/when I do have an issue, they will fix it in no time. I upgraded to the GrowBig plan and everything is still running really smoothly. Not to mention that they are FAST! And have awesome uptime!

#5: Affordability!

SiteGround is affordable. They have 3 shared hosting plans: StartUp, GrowBig, GoGeek.

StartUp is only $3.95 right now! Click here to get the deal!

If you are ready to signup it is super easy .

Step 1:

Choose a hosting plan. You can get 60% off using my link.

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StartUp is good when you are just starting your website.

GrowBig is good for hosting multiple websites.

GoGeek if you have a large website or store.

I recommend either StartUp or GrowBig for beginners! You can compare plan details to see what fits your needs best.

Step 2:

You will choose a domain name. ( FREE website transfer!! woohoo! Site transfer on Bluehost: $150)

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Step 3:

You can choose 1 month trial, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years. Then complete your order and BOOM your done! The 60% off discount applies for all periods whether you choose 1 month or 3 years. This is something that is different from Bluehost too. Bluehost raises their prices if you choose a shorter period of time for your web hosting plan.

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Overall, I would recommend SiteGround to anyone. I have been extremely happy with their services, and I will continue to use them for a long time! These are things I wish I had been told before I tried Bluehost. I hope this makes your decision a little easier when choosing a web host!

bluehost web hosting

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