blogging successes and failures

Successes and Failures

I started a homeschooling blog in August. I’ve been wanting to start a blog for years, but I just finally got the nerve to start!

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Where did I start?

When I started, I opened a free account which I thought was a pretty good deal. However, the more I read, the more I realized that it wasn’t. I was wanting to do more with my blog: selling products, monetizing, etc. So, I made the switch to self-hosted

What is the difference? is not self-hosted. So, basically you are not the full owner of your blog, and you don’t have all the freedoms of someone who does own their blog. You get a site name like: Not near as legit as: also limits monetizing on your blog. No ads or banners are allowed at all. This really limits your ability to expand and grow. is self-hosted. You go through a hosting company such as Siteground to set up your blog. There are a lot of super helpful plugins that you can use as well that are not available on Like SEO (search engine optimization) plugins that help you work toward getting noticed on big search engines like google. I got my first few visits from google at the end of my first month.

You also can do pretty much whatever you want as far as monetization goes. Setting up a store, becoming an affiliate for a brand you love, setting up ads, selling ecourses… sky’s the limit!

You can read my post here about setting up a blog using Siteground. You can make the switch over from a to a pretty easily.

What I Used to Set Up My Blog:

Siteground– hosting

Godaddy- domain

I chose to used because I got a domain for 99 cents and saved about $14.

My Initial Startup Investment:

WordPress: FREE

Siteground: $70/ year

Domain: 99 cents!

Courses I took:

Blog By Number eBook and eCourse 

Blog By Number

Blog by Number was super easy to use! Suzi from Start a Mom Blog walked you through step by step for starting a new blog! She describes it as a “paint by number for blogs”.. and it really was. It was awesome… and she talks to you in plain terms and explains everything so well. I took away so much from her course! I recommend both the ebook and the ecourse. The ecourse is really beneficial because she takes you through each step and shows you how to do it, but if you can’t afford both, you could just buy the ebook! It takes you through everything from starting a blog to getting traffic to monetization!

Affiliate Acceleration by Kayla Aimee

This was an awesome course as well. She explained affiliate sales so well, and gave hints on how to implement affiliate sales into your blog posts, social media, and email! Even how to use affiliate links on YouTube. It was a wealth of information that would’ve taken me forever to figure out on my own!


Subscriber Goal: 50

Actual Subscribers: 58

Doesn’t sound like a lot, but they were hard earned! So I was excited. I am up to 78 now a couple weeks later, so things are picking up!!

Page Views for the month: 4,234


Affiliate Sales:$0

I took Affiliate Acceleration a little too late in the month! I wish I would’ve taken it sooner to help me out!

1 Big Lesson I’ve Learned:

Invest in your blog. 

Don’t fork out tons of money to get it up and running, but investing in an ebook by someone who knows what they are talking about really helps!

4 Resources That Have Helped Me a Ton:

Convert Kit (or you could use MailChimp, I did at first, but Convert Kit has been AWESOME!)

Canva (for making pins and opt-in freebies)

PicMonkey (for editing pictures)

Tailwind (for scheduling pins to pinterest and connecting with other bloggers via tribes!)

Web Hosting

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