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How I Nearly Tripled My Traffic

My 2nd Month of Blogging

So obviously my 2nd month of blogging has been a huge success! I can honestly say I am so surprised! It wasn’t easy, but it was totally worth it. I nearly tripled my blog traffic! Woohoo! (I am super pumped!) Now I want to share with you exactly how I did that!

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This month was full of successes for me! I saw a huge change in my blog traffic, I got my first commision from affiliate marketing, and I over doubled my subscribers!!!



Month 1: 58

Month 2: 130


Month 1: 4,234

Month 2: 11,907

Affiliate Sales:

Month 1: $0

Month 2: $6.54

The affiliate sales don’t seem like a lot, but making my first $1 was so exciting! I was thrilled to know that it is possible to make money from affiliate marketing!

How I Nearly Tripled My Traffic

Now for the good stuff, tripling my traffic!

*This post contains a couple affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here.

#1 I put  my YOAST SEO plugin to good use.

I consistently used good SEO on each of my posts. YOAST is super simple to use. It will show red, yellow, or green lights to rate your SEO. All you have to do is follow the tips they give you until you get a green light!

#2 I put PINTEREST to use.

I have been a pinning maniac! Right now Pinterest is a huge source of my traffic. I am hoping to get some good ranking on Google before too long, but for now, Pinterest is my bestie!

What else I am doing on Pinterest:

  • Making sure my Pins are Pin-worthy, long vertical pins with plenty of keywords and catchy clickable titles.
  • I enabled Rich Pins.
  • I optimized my Pinterest profile with keywords.
  • Joined Tailwind.
  • Joined Boardbooster. (I don’t use it very often though….)
  • Joined some Pinterest Group Boards.

#3 I joined blog support groups on Facebook

There are a lot of opportunities to get your stuff out there with blog groups.

Here’s a quick tip>> Join blogging groups that are in your niche. 

Why?? The ones that are for every niche have less traction. I found much more success in groups that are in my niche!

#4 Google Analytics

Google analytics is super helpful for gaining insights into what is working and what isn’t on your blog.

Using Google Analytics to find my top 5 posts was really helpful. I was able to revamp posts that weren’t working out so well by adding more to them, and making sure they had good quality pin images on them.

#5 Time

I spent a lot of time making sure my posts were really good quality. I made it my goal not to post anything that wasn’t really good.

Promoting your blog also takes time. You can’t just send out a couple pins and think you will get amazing traffic. The key is to promote, promote, promote!


Did I spend any money this month??

No!! I didn’t spend a dime this month on my blog. I focused on applying the strategies I had learned from the courses I took last month.

Blog by Numbers 

Blog By Number

Affiliate Acceleration


There are still a lot more that I can apply to my blog from these courses! I would say that I have benefited greatly from buying them. I am confident that these courses were worth the $$!

How I over doubled my subscribers

Convertkit Masterclass!

This is another program I purchased last month, and it has been by far my favorite! I have learned so much from this course, and can’t even begin to tell you how much I love it! I really recommend getting over there and checking it out. If it’s not in the budget, her website has plenty to offer for free!

I started using  CONVERTKIT, and I am in love!

Before I took the Convertkit Masterclass I was so confused… I wasn’t sure how I liked Convertkit at all. (Coming from Mailchimp)

However, once I took the course it helped me to understand the ins and outs of email! It has been an awesome experience. I highly recommend Convertkit for collecting emails. With Mailchimp I was collected maybe 1 email per day, but after I switched I saw an immediate change! Sounds crazy, but it really was a game changer just switching my email plan.

Can’t afford a course right now? Check out the FREE Welcome Series Swipe File that helped me write my first welcome series in about 20 minutes!

I created several opt-in freebies for my blog, posted them around my site, and watched my list grow!



This month I wouldn’t say that there weren’t many failures. I didn’t reach my goal of selling one of my products in October, however, I did sell my first product a few days into November!

The Takeaway

I am really enjoying this whole process of blogging. I really enjoy talking about Homeschooling and Parenting, and that makes it easy for me to find a topic and create my opt-ins. It is super important to love what you are doing,and if you are not in a niche that you really love, it may be hard to stick it out through the hard stuff. So, my quick piece of advice would be to make sure you love… or at least like.. what you are writing about!

I really hope that you can benefit from reading about my blog journey!

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